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When iron is out of balance in your body, a whole host of things can go wrong. Whether it’s iron deficiency, iron overload, iron out of balance will have you feeling weak and operating at a lower capacity. The total iron binding capacity (TIBC) gauges how much of the mineral is in your bloodstream by looking at your blood’s current ability to attach and transport iron around your system. The TBIC is the first step for determining the iron situation in your body; because iron is measured across multiple factors and in different ways, this test will get your started to understand if you need more testing later on. The tests calculated in the TIBC are the total iron percentage in your blood; the iron binding capacity; and the calculated overall percentage in your body.

Test Contents

Iron, Total Iron Binding Capacity, % Saturation (calculated)


You may need testing if you have symptoms of iron levels that are too low or too high.

Pale skin




Shortness of breath

Rapid heartbeat

Joint pain

Abdominal pain

Lack of energy

Weight loss

When To Check

The TBIC test should be a regular part of your annual wellness check. Doing a TBIC test is especially important if you: are feeling tired, weak, or fatigued; have a swollen tongue; are having a hard time concentrating; are having an increase in infections; are always feeling cold.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s going on in your body? Usually, we shrug off fatigue or the odd stomachaches, never taking the time to pay attention to what’s really happening in our body. When you test for wellness, you’re taking your health in your own hands to take the next step towards health and wellness. For a stronger, healthier you.

Getting a wellness test is the first step in the journey to better health. When you test for wellness, you’re getting concrete information about your body that you can bring to a healthcare professional for diagnosis and treatment.

Nope! AimCheck takes care of all doctors referrals and prescriptions throughout the testing process so you don’t have to. Note: AimCheck is not a diagnostic service. To interpret your results, go to your doctor or healthcare professional.

If you’re a relatively healthy individual, AimCheck suggests doing an overall wellness check at least once a year.
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