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HIV, or Human immunodoeficency virus, is spread though unprotected sex, shared needles, or blood transfer between infected and non infected humans. The disease kills white blood cells, the parts of your body that work to protect your bloodstream from negative agents. The disease first passed to humans from chimpanzees early in the 19th century and has devastated various communities around the world. With years of research and focus on HIV/AIDS, the contemporary western medical landscape offers many treatments and support if you are potentially infected, so it’s best to get tested as soon as you have an inkling you may be infected. HIV progresses to AIDS in stages, and each stage has its own characteristics and particular degenerative influence. In all stages, your compromised immunity leads to potentially more devastating illnesses. HIV progresses to AIDS in three stages, each with separate symptoms and clinical treatments. The progression is slow, usually happening over 2-10 years, so it’s possible it will never progress to the next stage.

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In the first few weeks following infection, you are likely to notice:



Sore throat

Swollen lymph nodes



When To Check

Consider testing for HIV if: You’re noticing unexplained sores on your body You’re feeling flu-like symptoms You suspect you were with someone who might have HIV/AIDS You’ve recently traveled You’ve recently had unprotected sex You haven’t checked in with your partners about their STD status Have multiple sex partners that haven’t been recently tested You learn your partner has an STD Are feeling or noticing symptoms in your body

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Frequently Asked Questions

Testing with AimCheck is 100% secure, private, and yours. Your results come to your secure online portal, and are never shared with anyone other than you.

AimCheck’s medical testing utilizes all the latest contemporary medical practices, and works with the most advanced service provider in the country. STD testing is found to be over 90% accurate across all tests.

Yes. You can be reinfected with STDs you have already had. In some cases, having had an STD makes you more susceptible to reinfection.

STD’s don’t always come from penetrative sex: they can come through touching infected mucus membranes or from sharing needles, even sometimes from sharing cups. Don’t get nervous, but if you suspect something is off, get tested! It’s always good to know your body better.

Yes. Many STD’s are asymptomatic, so you won’t know if you have one until you infect someone else, or long-term symptoms arise.

Yes. In fact, if you have one STD, it’s possible you have even more. Get tested to find out.
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