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Aimcheck offers solutions to employers that want or need to provide their employees with medical testing or telemedicine as part of a benefits plan or as a requirement to perform their job

Our Business Solutions

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Join our corporate solutions plan, work with our team to formulate a plan specific to your corporate needs, or the needs or your clients. We have many, different plans off the shelf that we can recommend for you.

Onboard Your Team

Our software processes millions of eligibility files daily. Using our existing API’s you can connect and control your population’s eligibility with multiple file formats, 834s delimited, fixed etc. all managed by you with your custom Hipaa approved GUI.

Get Your Team Tested

Automated reminder and reporting systems encourage usage and compliance, while assisting management with reporting where things cannot be reported. That is, we have extensive experience and processes in place to comply with privacy laws.

Telemedicine Follow-Up

Depending on your plan, inevitably there are individuals that require follow up or have additional requests. The AimCheck corporate solutions custom software is designed to streamline any and all anomalies with minimal resources from our clients.

corporate Solutions

Comprehensive Solutions for Your Business Needs

Aimcheck’s Corporate Solutions is here to give employers and benefit providers a comprehensive solution for employees. From corporate wellness plans, tier structures for different employee ranks, or total care packages for the whole company - we can make it happen.

Ask us for a demo of our off the shelf software for corporate benefit providers to manage their multifaceted client base from one GUI.

Fast Onboarding

For thousands of employees or hundreds of unique client companies

Concierge Medical Services

Testing At Your Locations, On Your Schedule. We can set this up.

Employee Eligibiliy

Eligibility file processing, management, and reporting: privacy law compliant.

Custom Service Tiers

All built into our custom software ready to deploy.

Corporate Solutions

Industry-Specific Plans

Aimcheck Corporate Solutions offers a variety of tests that are routinely required for workers in specific industries like the food industry (restraunts and food production facilities), private healthcare facilities (elderly care), heavy industries such as metal processing plants and many others.

We aim to tailor testing routines to the exact needs of the business, and recommend contacting us so we can build the right program for Your business.

Our B2B solutions are engineered in a way that lets businesses know their employees are fit for work without compromising on their privacy, HIPAA rights or data security.

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Custom Plan Which Fits Your Organization Needs

Aimcheck’s Corporate Solutions is here to give employers a comprehensive solution for their employees.

From Corporate Wellness Plans, tier structures for different employee ranks, or total care packages for the whole company - we can make it happen

Our Business Solutions

Choose Aimcheck Business Solutions

Custom Co-Branded GUI Manages the entire program

Administrative control to give your customers, your vendors, and your customers’ customers the ability to control their level of system usage.

Automations controlled by multilevel dashboards

Our systems relay information between all your different subunits, sharing data when required without human involvement.

Patient Facing Portal

Role based logins for all levels of program participants, with a dashboard and helpdesk at the user level so employees can set their own usage options.

Rock Solid back end processing and data management

Our Hipaa compliant systems and privacy policy has undergone testing and approval by some of the most stringent Fortune 500 medical service providers in the USA.

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