Global Medical Testing By Leading US Labs

Aimcheck is partnering with clinics and first flight out courier services to offer thousands of medical tests world wide.

AimCheck’s Global Lab Testing

AimCheck testing is available to anyone while in the US. Soon to be worldwide. We are developing partnerships or planning direct labs in or near select major airports throughout the world. So if you are not planning to visit the US soon, or you are looking for a test not available to you locally then ask us about our global service possibilities.

AimCheck can offer virtually every medical lab test ever commercialized. Based on our partners’ economies of scale, our price point will often be competitive in the local market - even with the shipping costs while following CDC and IATA guidelines.

Quick Testing

Testing takes a few minutes. Other than the specimen collection, everything is done online.


All transactions and data exchanges are done securely, encrypted and anonymously.


All of our labs are US FDA and CLIA approved employing the highest industry standards.

Test Panels

Physician recommended panels make ordering easier, yet we can likely arrange any commercialized lab test.


Typically results will be received in 48-72 hours depending on location and encrypted until downloaded.

Private EMR

Your medical record can be shared with your local healthcare system, or held anonymously.

Our Labs are Currently Opening Worldwide!

Interested in a partnership to open clinics in airports worldwide? If you are passionate about wellness and self care, contact AimCheck here.

Be In Touch

Are you a blood drawing center or medical provider outside of the US looking for information on US medical testing?