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Multi-packs tell you what’s up in your gut

Our most popular tests cover a wide range of common wellness checks

Covid Care Pack


Recently recovered from COVID-19? This panel gets your care back on track.

Vitamin D (25-hydroxy-vitamin D)

Vitamin B12

CBC with Differential/Platelet Count

Basic Allergen Testing


Eat right, live well! These tests check food allergies so you can eat a better breakfast.

Codfish (f3) IgE

Egg White (f1) IgE

Milk (f87) IgE

Peanut (f13) IgE

Soybean (f14) IgE

Wheat (f4) IgE

Wellness Checkup


With this overall system check, take a look at your body’s big picture.

CBC with Differential/Platelet Count

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP 14)

Hemoglobin A1c with Estimated Average Glucose

Lipid Panel with LDL/HDL Ratio


Urinalysis, Complete

What is preventative care?

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