Why Choose Us

Why Work With Aimcheck.com

Access to New Patients

AimCheck’s direct marketing team is dedicated and funded to bring new patients directly to your private virtual office.

Access Lab Testing

Our EMR system is directly integrated with our national labs, allowing you and your patients to create requisitions on the spot.

Help Patients Across the Country

As a part of AimCheck’s Physicians network, you can treat patients nationwide, with license collaboration embedded in the software.


Aimcheck’s Physician Portal Your Online Medical Practice

Our Dashboards are custom designed to be sophisticated yet simple, mobile friendly, and available with 24/7 one click tech support. At AimCheck all software, including our EMR, is homemade to our specific requirements, and integrated to other systems where appropriate.

Doctor's Dashboard

Your AimCheck homepage is modular based and customizable to your specific needs and requests. You can set up alarms, set up a call, and see previous recorded calls with one click. Made with our custom code we are constantly improving our systems with your suggestions.

Current Call Page

Many of our Patients have their own interface that integrates with your dashboard for seamless communication and live updates of test results or new inquiries from patients that you can respond to at your, or your patient’s convenience - depending on your custom settings that you control.