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Last updated: June 1, 2022

Services Disclaimer

AimCheck Health LLC® is located at 30 N Gould St., Sheridan, WY 82801 (+1 855 613 4560).

AimCheck health acknowledges the need of maintaining one's privacy, and we are dedicated to doing so with regard to your personal information. The following provides an explanation of our policy regarding the handling of any personal information that you may disclose to us. In addition to this, the privacy rules of each individual state apply to our facilities.

Regarding the terms of this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes how we handle the information that identifies you personally. It also provides a general description of the categories of personally identifiable information that are held, as well as the purposes for which they are held, and the manner in which such information is acquired, held, used, and disclosed.

This Privacy Policy is applicable to any and all interactions that you have with us, including those that take place on the website AimCheck.COM, in writing, or in person. You are giving your consent to our use and dissemination of your personal information in the manner that is specified in this Privacy Policy by the fact that you do business with AimCheck health.

The AimCheck health Privacy Policy will be examined and revised on a regular basis in order to take into account any newly enacted regulations or technological advancements, as well as any modifications to our business operations or practices, and to ensure that it continues to be applicable to the ever-evolving environment. Any information that we keep will be subject to the most recent iteration of the Privacy Policy that we have in place. Please make it a habit to check our Privacy Policy on a frequent basis so that you are informed of any modifications or changes that may have been made.

The purpose of the Privacy Policy is to protect the confidentiality of any and all information that our clients provide to us, including the following:

(1) We will not knowingly sell or provide any personal information that you have submitted to any other parties; and

(2) No customer information is retained on the server that is accessible to the public in any way.

(3) By accessing this website and making use of the AimCheck health services, you are indicating that you accept all of the terms and conditions outlined in this Privacy Policy.

(4) You are informed and directed not to continue to the website or use the services that are provided by AimCheck health if you do not agree to any of the conditions that are included in this Privacy Policy.

Terms and Privacy Policy

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and Privacy

Even though AimCheck health only makes referrals for professional tests and all of these tests are administered and analyzed by independent third party providers who are not connected to AimCheck health, we are providing you with your rights under the HIPAA despite the fact that AimCheck health is the only organization that makes referrals for professional tests.

Get It.

You have the ability to submit a request to view or obtain a copy of your medical record as well as other health-related information. It is possible that if you want a copy you will be required to put in a written request, as well as pay for the expense of duplicating and mailing the document. In most circumstances, your copies are required to be sent to you within a period of thirty days.

Look into it.

You have the ability to request that any incorrect information in your file be changed, as well as request that additional information be added to your file if you believe that something is missing or that the file is incomplete. Take, for instance, the phrase "Know Who Has Seen It."

Your protected health information can be used and disclosed for a variety of purposes that are not directly related to your medical care if the law permits it. In most cases, your health information cannot be used for anything that is not immediately connected to your care without first obtaining your approval. If there is any information that you would prefer not to be shared, be sure to let your providers or health insurance companies know. You have the right to request that your medical records not be distributed to particular individuals, organizations, or businesses. If you go to a clinic, for instance, you have the option of requesting that the doctor not discuss your medical history with any of the other physicians or nurses working at the clinic. You have the ability to make requests for other sorts of restrictions; but, such requests are not always guaranteed to be granted, particularly if they potentially have an impact on the care that you receive. You can also ask your healthcare provider or pharmacy to keep information about the care you receive or drugs you take a secret from your health insurance company if you pay for the care or drugs in full and the provider or pharmacy does not need to be paid by your insurance company. This last option is only available if you pay for the care or drugs in full.

Request that you be contacted at a location other than your home.

You are within your rights to make reasonable requests to be contacted in a different place or manner, or even at a different time. You could, for instance, request that a healthcare professional call you at your workplace rather than at your residence, or that any letter sent to you be included in an envelope rather than being printed on a postcard.

Your Health Information Privacy Rights

You have the ability to make a complaint with your healthcare provider, your health insurance, or the United States Department of Health and Human Services if you believe that your rights are being violated or that your health information is not being protected. To learn more, visit

(1) If you have a complaint, AimCheck health will resolve all complaints received from patients in a timely and comprehensive manner, regardless of the nature of the complaint. In the event that you choose to register a complaint, there will be no repercussions for your actions.

(2) AimCheck health will make every attempt to limit disclosure in accordance with the Privacy Policy as outlined in this document.

(3) AimCheck health will not use or disclose an individual's protected health information (PHI) in any way, unless specifically authorized or compelled to do so by HIPAA or any other applicable laws or regulations. The use of patients' protected health information (PHI) for treatment, health care operations, or payment purposes must be subject to stringent controls. You will be informed by AimCheck health if your protected health information (PHI) will be used for any other purpose, and you have the right to revoke authorization at any time by providing written notification to AimCheck health.

(4) Ongoing assessment, oversight, and training are going to be the means through which continuing compliance with HIPAA can be attained.

(5) It will be determined which workers require access to protected health information (PHI), and those employees will only be granted access to the PHI that they require for the purposes outlined above. In order to ensure that AimCheck health complies with HIPAA standards, each employee will undergo training. In the event that an Employee does not adhere to the requirements of HIPAA and/or the policies of AimCheck health with regard to privacy laws, the Employee may be sanctioned up to the point of termination if it is deemed necessary to do so. All complaints and punishments, if any are issued, will be documented in writing and sent to AimCheck health.

(6) AimCheck health will do everything that is reasonably practicable to mitigate the detrimental impacts of any knowing use or disclosure, whether it was done by AimCheck health or its business associates, that was in violation of the privacy rule and/or AimCheck's health policies and procedures.

What we collect

The following categories of personally identifiable information may be collected by us:

your name, address, email address, and telephone number; your gender, age, or date of birth; information pertinent to your medical care, including but not limited to your previous and current medical history as well as your family medical history (where clinically relevant); demographic information such as your zip code, preferences, and interests; and your credit card number.

any other information pertaining to you that you supply to us directly through our representatives, medical or allied health professionals providing services at or through our website, or in any other capacity.

Additionally, it is possible that we will acquire some data that does not qualify as personal information because it does not identify either you or anybody else. For instance, we might gather aggregated information on how visitors interact with our website or the anonymous responses to surveys that we send out.

See the section titled "List of cookies we collect" for a comprehensive rundown of all of the cookies that we gather.

What we do with the information we gather

Only in connection with the provision of services to you or the carrying out of business activities such as internal record keeping or the improvement of our product will AimCheck health acquire any personal information about you. Your personal information will only be used by AimCheck health for the reason (or purposes) for which you gave the information, or in any other way that is otherwise permitted by law.

The provision of appropriate referral, testing, and services to you is the primary objective of AimCheck health's collection and use of your personally identifiable information, which is why this information is collected in the first place. If at any point you have reason to believe that the purpose for which we are collecting your personal information is not obvious, we ask that you bring your concerns to the attention of the person with whom you are interacting or get in touch with us using the information provided below.

Permitted users will be able to view any personally identifiable information that has been disclosed to AimCheck health. When we retain the services of a third party, we ensure that they keep the confidentiality of any personal information to which they have access by taking all precautions that are appropriate under the circumstances.

Your personal information may be used by AimCheck health for the purpose of conducting research and development on our services or for the purpose of sending you information about other services provided by us that may be of interest to you. Please let us know by sending an email to the contact details listed below if you do not wish to receive information about additional services offered by us or other material from us. We will honor your request not to get this information and will respect your decision. You may also opt out of receiving emails from us by using the "unsubscribe" button in any of the emails that we send to you. We may also use your information to get in touch with you from time to time for the purpose of conducting market research. You could hear from us via email, the phone, the fax, or the mail. We might use the information to tailor the website to your particular interests if you give us permission to do so.

Documents and personally identifiable information acquired by AimCheck health are stored in a variety of locations, including secure computer storage facilities, paper-based files and other records.


We are dedicated to protecting the privacy of the information you share with us. We have put in place appropriate measures, both physically and electronically, as well as administrative ones, in order to safeguard and secure the information that we collect online. This is done in order to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure.

The way that we utilize cookies

A "cookie" is a little data file that can be placed on your hard drive when you visit certain websites. These websites will ask for your permission before placing the cookie on the hard drive of your computer. Cookies may be used on the website to collect, store, and even sometimes monitor information for the purposes of statistical analysis, with the end goal of improving the services that AimCheck health delivers. These cookies do not provide any third parties access to any personally identifiable information that you have stored on our site. You have the option to either accept or reject the cookie.

The "help" section of the toolbar on the vast majority of browsers will direct you on how to stop your browser from accepting new cookies, how to command the browser to tell you when you receive a new cookie, or how to disable cookies entirely. This section is located in the upper-right hand corner of the toolbar. When you visit some websites, a piece of data known as a "cookie" may be written onto the hard drive of your computer. Cookies are commonly used in online shopping. Cookies may be used on the website to collect, store, and even sometimes monitor information for the purposes of statistical analysis, with the end goal of improving the services that AimCheck health delivers. These cookies do not provide any third parties access to any personally identifiable information that you have stored on our site.

The "help" section of the toolbar on the vast majority of browsers will direct you on how to stop your browser from accepting new cookies, how to command the browser to tell you when you receive a new cookie, or how to disable cookies entirely. This section is located in the upper-right hand corner of the toolbar. Because cookies allow you to take advantage of some of AimCheck health's most appealing features on the website, AimCheck health strongly suggests that you keep the cookies turned on.

Linked pages from many other websites

Even if a website belonging to a third party is mentioned on our own, this does not mean that we endorse it or that we have any control over the products, services, or content that it provides. As a result, you need to thoroughly investigate any services that are provided and determine whether or not they are suitable for you. Furthermore, our Privacy Policy will not apply to any information that you may disclose under the third party site. Before you proceed with procuring any items or services offered on any such website, you should read their privacy policy and ensure that you agree with its terms. Because these websites belong to third parties and are not owned or controlled by LBL, we cannot accept any responsibility for the information contained on any of these websites, nor can we advocate any of the services that are being offered on these websites. If you choose to use such a site or make use of any of the services that are provided, you acknowledge and accept that you will not have any claims or other legal options against AimCheck health.

Maintaining command of your private information

You have the option of restricting the gathering or use of your personal information by selecting one of the following methods:

When you are on the website and are asked to fill out a form, look for the box where you may check it to indicate that you do not want the information you provide to be used by anyone for the purpose of direct marketing and click that box.

If you have previously given us permission to use your personal information for the purposes of direct marketing, you have the right to change your mind at any time by letting us know through the information provided on our Contact Us page.

If you do not give us permission or the law requires us to do so, we will not sell, distribute, or lease any of your personal information to a third party. If you provide us with your approval, we will send you promotional materials about third parties that we believe you may find interesting.

Under the Data Protection Act of 1998, you have the right to obtain details of any personal information that we may have stored about you. There will be a nominal charge incurred. If you would like a copy of the information that we have on file for you, please send us an email with your request using the information found on our Contact Us page.

Please contact us as soon as possible at the above address if you have any reason to suspect that any information we are keeping on you is inaccurate or incomplete. You can write to us or send us an email. We will immediately correct any information that has been determined to be inaccurate.